MY letter in your paper on 2 November (“Council should purchase court”) resulted in many people I know telling me how much they supported that idea.

Since writing that letter I read that the population of Andover is even greater than I thought and now exceeds 52,000 and represents nearly half the population of Test Valley. This makes it all the more important for Andover to have a “town hall” commensurate with its size and importance to the well-being of Test Valley.

I appreciate that the cost of acquiring the old magistrates court building for this purpose will make it a hard choice for the council, but if it really cares for the town and its people it is one it has to make.

It is the only way that the needs of a wide variety of groups and organisations in Andover can be met and the opportunity will be lost forever if the council does not act now.

John Barrell, Weyhill Road, Andover