IN your edition of November 30, you printed a letter from Laurie Manifold who suggests that a previous correspondent has got his facts wrong with respect to global temperature rises.

He seems to be suggesting that, because over a 16-year period appropriately selected data shows no significant overall temperature rise, there is not a problem.

Mr Manifold should also consider the evidence of more localised climate variations.

There have been huge changes such as the Arctic ice melt, while in some regions temperatures have actually fallen.

As he seems to think that it is only the average that matters, can I suggest he tries the following experiment.

Set the oven to 50 degrees and the freezer to minus 30 degrees. Put head in the oven and feet in the freezer and wait for an hour, then ask yourself “Do I feel comfortable at an average temperature of 20 degrees?”

If he can honestly answer ‘Yes’ I will be pleased to accept climate change is a figment of the imagination, and requires no action.

John Davison Orchard House Church Lane Goodworth Clatford Andover