TAKE a look around the high street and precinct – has anything changed? What effort has been made to make this town look open for business?

Before I mention the skating rink, let me suggest that you take a look at the shops open for business Look at any shop front you will find they all have entrances, not doors because doors represent a barrier.

That entrance is normally central to the shops frontage, it allows you to see what is on offer. Shops only change point of entrance if they are located on corners, leaving two shop fronts on different thoroughfares.

Now back to the skating rink. With the shops still in your mind, you can now see what was wrong with where and how the rink was set up. It looked like a building site and you never knew if it was open.

The end result is nothing that could attract people into the town, at a time those around us had Christmas markets, and without doubt these markets are popular.

To see that just look at how many still go to Germany, and countries close by for nothing more than their Christmas markets.

When money is not flowing freely you have to make sure its spent here to keep this town alive, It’s simple, those who never change, change nothing. I see no change. Is that what we really want?

Derrick Sole, Colenzo Drive, Andover