CATHERINE Bearder’s letter was enlightening.

Her claim is that the average household is £3,300 PA better off because of EU membership.

The reality is that every man, women and child in the UK (population 63.1 million) contributed the equivalent of €178.65 in 2011 and got back €104.12 in return.

Lib Dem economics seem to be devoid of reality, again.

The ‘liberal economic rules’ imposed by the EU have added so many layers of legislation and cost upon business and manufacturing, compounded by its social legislation, that we are uncompetitive in international trade and suffering enormously as a result.

Far from being better off, we are significantly worse off.

We are paying exorbitant sums to sustain an EU bureaucracy that is profligate, inefficient and corrupt.

It is far more concerned with its own well-being and perpetuation than with the lives of its citizens.

In typical Liberal/socialist/communist style, it simply exercises power, rewards itself generously and spends extravagantly.

Hopefully, in June 2014 when we re-elect our representatives to the European Parliament, the electorate will show more realism than our current MEP and vote UKIP.

Stewart Brown Avondale Goodworth Clatford