WHILE I support any proposal to replace the present paving in the High Street, I was stunned at the facile proposal by the HCC official to rip up and replace the pavements with asphalt – a bland, ‘dumbed-down’ surface normally only used on estates and secondary footpaths.

I note that HCC make no apology for their role in the original High Street contract and the apparent lack of supervision and poor workmanship that resulted in this visual anomaly and resultant compensations pay-out.

HCC however, are to be congratulated on the quality of materials and workmanship achieved in the more recent paving of Bridge Street/ London Road which is in complete contrast to that of High Street and should be the model for future or replacement paving in the town.

Nor are TVBC without blame in this debacle.

It simply is not good enough for the borough to sit on their hands, implying that this was a HCC-lead contract and not their responsibility.

It must be said that both HCC and TVBC have let the town down.

Joseph Nixon Foxcotte Road Charlton