CAN I please thank the Rev John Harkin for coming to my aid on Tuesday at 11.40am.

I was on my way to Charlton Cemetery and fell flat on my back in Rack Close.

I lay there on the ground dazed and a bit befuddled, as it happened so quickly.

From my lying position I could turn my head, so I did, to see if anyone was around to assist me. No. There was no one.

After a few moments I was able to get up to the sitting position, but absolutely no further, as there was nothing for me to get hold of to be able to pull myself up. I literally sat there praying to God, like we all do, that someone would come along.

It was then that I saw someone on the main path up ahead of me, and called out to him.

He came striding purposefully over the grass to me. To my surprise I saw his dog collar, and realised it was the Vicar of St Mary’s.

To go down with such a thump was bad, but to be picked up by the vicar was divine intervention. Yes, I did make it to the cemetery!

Thank you, Reverend Harkin.

Manuela Rack Close Andover