I BELONG to an old Andover family. Grandad served in the First World War. Mum took part in the Remembrance Day parade for many years both before and after the memorial was moved.

Many old Andoverians like my gran and grandad and their parents are buried in the cemetery attached to St Mary’s as I am sure lots of relatives of the fallen heroes are.

For me the area round the church has a meaning (not religious) but I realise this may not apply to others. I hope the people debating this issue have a connection with the fallen of Andover.

I would like to know if there was uproar when the memorial was moved in the 50s. If they were happy about the move at the time then that’s fine by me as long as the area can be kept clean and tidy. Otherwise it is back to the High Street where others may abuse it in some other way!

Gerry Curtis, Milton Avenue Andover