I WAS devastated to read that the WRVS volunteers who deliver Meals on Wheels have been dropped by Hampshire County Council.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I was under the assumption that many cuts are being made by the Government, to health services and elderly care.

So how on earth can the council reach the conclusion that a nationwide company is preferable to these devoted volunteers who give their time free of charge?

Surely this company, Apetito, will comprise paid staff to whom the delivering of meals to vulnerable, elderly people is just a job?

How can this save the council money, and how can it be better for the clients than an individual, friendly service from local volunteers who care?

The county council is once again riding roughshod over the feelings of eveyone involved – a terrilble decision which we can only hope will be overturned by public opinion.

Irene Williams Heath Vale Andover