IT is time to put pen to paper.

Firstly, the subject of the bus station revamp. What a ludicrous waste of developers’ money!

Have Hampshire County Council and Test Valley Borough Council done their homework? Isn’t bus patronage generally dwindling?

Has anyone seen more than a couple of passengers on the P20 bus which was introduced last November to serve the new Picket Twenty estate?

A million pounds or so has already been spent on an underpass under the A3093 Walworth Road, for an hourly bus service and a handful of cyclists, which serves this development. Why is it still not open to traffic?

Now to cycleways, another waste of money be it from the taxpayer or developer.

How many cyclists have you seen using them in town?

Two letters that appeared last week from Paul Flippance and Irene Williams also require my wholehearted support.

Regarding the number of potholes around the town and on country roads.

I report potholes on a regular basis and find that, once they are eventually filled, they very soon open up again due to poor workmanship.

A proper job is needed and surely a more cost effective solution to the problem.

Finally to the changes to the “Meals on Wheels” service. I would like to know how Appetito can deliver the service better and cheaper than WRVS?

Perhaps Hampshire County Council will respond with some justification of their actions in this matter.

David Lindsell, Andover