MAY I respond to Paddy Keenan’s letter of 11 June with some facts?

Wind farms are clean, cheap, efficient and modern.

They do not receive subsidies from the taxpayers and they are no more or less subsidised than other forms of power generation. They reduce our reliance on dirty expensive imported oil, gas and coal.

Hampshire Energy is a group (HEG) of experienced individuals – all of whom have had successful careers in their chosen fields – who are passionate about developing a stronger, healthier and more prosperous local economy.

Very soon HEG will become a co-operative owned by its members and run for the benefit of our community. It is our firm intention that, following detailed negotiations with EDF, the group will share in the revenues of the wind farm and will make a profit. The profit will be paid back to the members or reinvested in LOCAL renewable energy projects, creating jobs and reducing costs of energy for us all.

Wind farmers are like any other business; they make a product (electricity and renewable energy certificates) which they sell at a profit. Some of that profit is used to pay for investment.

The big difference is co-operative wind farms keep the profits for the benefit of their community, not for the benefit of multi-national shareholders and global banks.

HEG think it is fair that the benefits of wind farming should be shared with all the local community.

Of course others disagree with us, and want to see the benefits go to others. But that’s up to them.

If you want to learn more about how to make Hampshire greener, share in the benefits of wind farming or join us then visit hampshireenergy.

Martin Heath HEG, Innovation Centre, Norden House, Basingstoke