THE Andover Junction Goods Shed was formerly located at Andover Road Station (Micheldever) and was to a design which was totally constructed of timber and covered two tracks.

The reconstruction was reported in the South Western Accounts, located at the Public Record Office at Kew, that on the 21 May 1855, W Gue Limited supplied labour and materials to erect a large goods shed warehouse and luggage stores recovered from Andover Road. The shed was provided with a 40 cwt crane.

Was the construction unique and perhaps it should have received listed status as the station building did in June 1983, which is now, grade II listed?

During the 1960s the shed remained open for sundries and parcels traffic, finally closing in 1982, although demolition did not occur until 1986 when the station forecourt was altered and a short stay/season car park was provided on the site.

Trawling the Internet has not produced much information so any further information would be appreciated along with any photographs or plans of the structure.

David Lindsell South View Gardens Andover