SO, I will have to ask the question again, because now it has become more serious – who is responsible should I be hurt by a bicycle being ridden on the pavement?

Now we have darker evenings the same people on the same bicycles, but now with no lights, are riding them on the pavements.

They are not even courteous enough to slow down or even dismount once they become close and I for one will not step into the road or stop and breathe in to let them pass, because they don’t even say thank you!

After my last letter, A4 posters were tied to lampposts on the route I use from the Drove along the Weyhill Road to town but now only one of them remains!

These posters said: CYCLISTS please be aware. It is an OFFENCE to CYCLE on a FOOTPATH/ PAVEMENT beside a road and there is NO GENERAL RIGHT to cycle along public footpaths.

Any areas not signposted are intended for the SOLE use of PEDESTRIANS and anyone CYCLING along them may be COMMITTING an OFFENCE. Any offence may be punishable by the issue of a FIXED PENALTY NOTICE and a FINE. Enforcement patrols will be carried out over the next few months both by the police and the council.

I go to and from work between 8.30am to 9.30am and 5.30pm to 6.30pm and have seen no enforcement taking place but, as mentioned, the same cyclists, and obviously whoever originally tied the posters cannot be bothered to check should they be missing, another temporary measure hoping the problem would go away, I ask?

I assume that we, Joe Public, if we are injured by a bicycle on a footpath/ pavement, should report to Hampshire Police and or Test Valley Borough Council for compensation!

Am I correct?

Ron Wood, Bridge St, Andover