As a volunteer with Andover Mind Advocacy I’d like to thank Burdock Valley Players (BVP) of Upper Clatford for selecting us as the charity that they’ll be supporting this year.

BVP generously supported the Jamie G Sporting Trust in 2012 and Breast Cancer Awareness in 2013 with the money raised from raffles, etc at their spring and Christmas shows each year, so please support them and buy lots of raffle tickets!

www.burdockvalleyplayers .com.

The advocacy service is a group of trained volunteers, part of Andover Mind, giving support to local adults with various problems, perhaps money, legal, family, health, accommodation, etc.

As volunteers, our costs are small but we do have to pay our share of the administration costs so the support of BVP is very much appreciated.

A local group supporting a local charity.

Peter Kerrison Monxton