LIKE Ron Woods (Letters, 17 January) I use the same stretch of pavement and noticed the absence of the posters.

I suspect they were removed by cyclists, angry at being denied their ‘right’ to ride on the pavement.

The number of illegal pavement cyclists increases between the hours of 1.30pm and 2.30pm, which coincides with the start and finish of one of the shifts at the Co-op megashed. Perhaps management there could impress on their staff that it is illegal to ride on the pavement unless it is a designated cycle route.

This applies also to the pavement on the original bridge over the bypass, which cyclists use illegally despite there being a designated cycle route over the new bridge.

I have seen uniformed soldiers riding on the pavements as well.

I have observed cyclists riding along the busy road towards Weyhill despite there being an excellent cycle path from the roundabout to Weyhill.

Finally, why do cyclists never use their bell to warn pedestrians of their approach on cycle paths?

Vic Butler, Ashtree Road, Andover