AS the founder and owner of Marston Robing, a small business based in Andover, I wanted to put on record my appreciation for the practical help and support given by Test Valley Borough Council, particularly through the Walworth Enterprise Centre.

We started in August 2005 with a very small unit at the centre and have grown our graduation gown business to the point where we have just moved out of the centre and into our own premises in west Andover.

Having the ability to expand at short notice, the cost-effective rents, the camaraderie of being around other businesses, and the great service offered by the centre managers contributed greatly to our growth, so thank you Test Valley.

I have faith that Kier will pick up the baton and keep up the high standards.

So, if you have a new or small business looking for premises, Andover is a good place to be, and it will be hard to find a better place than the Enterprise Centre.

John Martin, Glenmore Business Park, Andover