SOME months ago your readers may remember that there were quite a few letters about the proposed changes to parking, speed limits and road closures in and around Floral Way due to the inconsiderate parking on residential roads by parents taking their children to school.

To date, the residents of this area have not had any communication regarding this.

However, it appears that the plans are going ahead anyway.

A pathway for children has been created and speed restriction signs have been put up. To make sure motorists know it’s a 20mph limit, the whole area is awash with huge ghastly white 20mph signs.

This is all very well but the main point that is concerning the residents is the parking situation.

Speed is not a problem!

I also understand that the proposal to issue permits was met with negativity.

Is there anyone out there who can let residents know what exactly is happening?

Derek Davis, Wisley Road, Andover