HAVING been unfairly dismissed from my previous employer I had the unfortunate experience of having to sign on for Job Seeker’s allowance.

Now in nearly a month I’ve been paid £94 whilst I have been looking for work.

I’ve sent various companies my CV, signed on with a employment agency and been for various interviews.

I found a job but needed a medical costing £110, which I asked the job centre for help with.

That was two weeks ago and I still no answer from them. I’ve now also found a second job with which my trade is in.

I was told today that I still had to go and sign on to receive my allowance for the last two weeks. I received a phone call from the Job Centre telling me that because I hadn’t looked at their job website that I was in breach of the agreement and couldn’t prove I’d been actively seeking work.

I explained that I have a job that starts tomorrow and was still waiting for a reply from them for the help with my medical.

Apparently this is not good enough as this still doesn’t prove I’ve been looking for work and would probably now not receive my benefit.

I’ve worked constantly for 21 years since leaving school and always paid my way.

I have a young family and we are now behind on our rent and and look like we will struggle until my new job pays me.

I am baffled as to how finding two new jobs doesn’t seem adequate enough to the job centre to qualify for my benefit! Since signing on nearly four weeks ago I’ve had to attend at least 15 times.

Is it really unacceptable to actually get a job or am I just meant to look for one and not take it because it hasn’t come from the Job Centre website?

Please, please, please help me with this matter.

Paul Baxter, Boscowen Close, Andover