RE: your editorial in the Advertiser on 7 February, concerning the floods in the country.

Whilst walking through Walworth Industrial Estate last week, I stopped to have a chat to the drivers of the yellow tankers, asking them: “Where would the water be dumped, when they had loaded.”

To my surprise I was told, they were discharging so that it could be pumped to the Fullerton treatment works.

They were on hire to Southern Water, bringing it from the Bourne at St Mary Bourne, and would be doing that for the next three months.

So the journey, from the Bourne, over the hill to Walworth, pumped to Fullerton, then via River Anton into the Test, and on to Romsey.

In space of 15 minutes, I saw four tankers on the estate. Having already seen others over a period of time, namely on Churchill Way, Anton Trading Estate and Penton village, I was left wondering, who has the overall control, is it the Environment Agency or Southern Water?

It would be interesting to know the movement of all the water through the Anton Valley.

Would now be a good time to nationalise the water companies, so that they could both work together, for the benefit of the country, and then the profits would go to help pay off our national debt?

Certainly the Andover town centre drainage is working well, with no flooding, as in days gone by.

Ted Porter, Seville Crescent,