TEST Valley Borough Council (TVBC) has to consider its responsibility to all users of Weyhill Road and the inevitable statutory duty of care it has to the public (all road users).

TVBC is the provider of the pavement, roadway and future cycle paths.

There is too much speeding traffic along Weyhill Road. It places pedestrians and cyclists at risk.

When the cyclists use the roadway they annoy some motorists because they slow them down.

When the cyclists use the pavement they annoy the pedestrians because some of them ride too quickly and without due care for pedestrians.

Pedestrians will take great risks when trying to use the future pedestrian crossing at Meadow Way shopping precinct.

When the cycle path is introduced pedestrians will have to dodge cyclists before they reach the roadside to dodge the motorists.

Some of these pedestrians are young children excitedly going to and from school.

Motorists travelling south on Weyhill Road should not be considered a natural traffic calming device when turning right into Meadow Way shopping precinct – a point of view I believe was taken by traffic planners in the past.

Motorists should not be able to access the shopping precinct without interrupting the flow of traffic, blocking the view of pedestrians on the crossing and, in the future, having to watch out for cyclists.

What a monster TVBC is creating?

l TVBC you need firstly to encourage non-local traffic to use the ring road. Local traffic using Weyhill Road should be persuaded to slow down and observe the speed limit.

l Law enforcers need to educate cyclists on the sensible way to use the roadway / cycle path.

l We ALL need to think of each other as legal road users and observe some mutual courtesy.

l TVBC needs to consider their likely legal situation should either a cyclist or pedestrian be knocked over.

Lastly, should cyclists have insurance cover in the event they knock down a pedestrian?

Lots of points, for lots of people to consider.

I await the first legal proceedings against TVBC for failing in its duty of care to a road/pavement/cycle path user.

A Weyhill Road user.

Keith Cezair, Cheavley Close, Andover