BEING a cyclist, and riding around Andover frequently, I have been following the letters printed in the Andover Advertiser about widening the pavement from The Crescent to East Portway for cyclists.

I find this proposal quite unbelievable.

Why is it that Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) just want to do this part of Weyhill Road?

What about the part of Weyhill Road from TVBC offices down into town?

This part of Weyhill Road is only six metres wide but the part of Weyhill Road they want to widen is 8.5m wide.

This suggests to me that it is more than sufficient for both cars and cyclists.

Question? What is the point of spending taxpayers’ money on this scheme which to me is a waste of our money.

I often cycle to Augustus Park at weekends.

Can TVBC tell me why there is no cycle path from The Folly roundabout to Tesco roundabout where the speed limit is 40mph, 10 mph more than Weyhill Road.

I am also a driver and only last week, I followed three cyclists past the Chestnut Tree pub going towards Burbidges Bakery and due to the road islands, I was unable to overtake which meant I stayed within the speed limit that applies to Weyhill Road.

Suggestion? Spend the money earmarked for this scheme on repairing the potholes!

Trevor Doble, Lodge Close, Andover