DON’T these so called experts do their homework before they sanction the use of any drugs which could have an effect on wildlife? I don’t think so.

There was a television report on what the devasting effect diclofenac had on the vulture popuation a few years ago.

The drug, as stated by Dr Campbell Mura, was indeed responsible for the near extinction of this species.

Although the vulture will never win any beauty contests, it has an extremely necessary role in nature.

The vulture is the winged waste disposal creature, vital to human existence. When it devours a carcase, it also destroys any disease that the beast is carrying, even anthrax, through it’s unique digestive system, so to use a drug that will certainly sentence it to death , is irresponsible and utterly indefensible.

I will confess that volunteering in a wildlfe hospital two days a week doesn’t make me an expert, but it appears to me I am more qualified than some of the nameless morons in the EU.

Derek Andrews, Herons Rise, Andover