IN response to Councillor Drew, last week’s Andover Advertiser, if he had bothered to read the UKIP leaflet he referred to, he would have noticed the key among other common sense policies is that the United Kingdom should extricate itself from that fraudulent and undemocratic organisation at the earliest opportunity.

The fact that there are UKIP MEPs there is because they were elected, the voters well aware of the intensions of UKIP in Brussels, with the added bonus that they have access to information that would not otherwise be available due to prevarication and lies, released or not as often is the case.

As proof of such activities there is an EU directive that governments of member states must not say anything derogatory regarding the EU In answer to Councillor Drew, there is no point in wasting time in a pre-programmed chamber. Look for Nigel Farage on David Haresign, Jervis Court, Andover