RESIDENTS in and around the Farrs Avenue area in Andover have all been warned that Operation Resilience will be taking place with micro asphalt being laid on to the existing road surfaces, that it is fast and efficient, is an effective way to prolong the life of the road and that it can look unfinished when freshly laid.

Unfinished is not the word I would use, it looks a right mess and all the neighbours would agree, so why waste money on something that was not necessary?

It’s been asked on six occasions to my knowledge if the paths and kerbs could be repaired outside my house and other neighbours’ as the kerbs have sunk and the tree roots are growing up through the middle of paths which need to be removed and resurfaced.

It’s a complete hazard for the young and elderly and has been like this for three years.

I can say officials have been out on quite a few occasions and put their path graffiti down and that’s the last we see of any progress of repairs.

The new road surface is now higher than my dropped kerb outside mine and other neighbours properties so the path will now become the water drain line for surface water from the road.

We all pay rates and tax for our council to upkeep our highways and they seem to get things so wrong. Surely the kerb edges and paths should have been repaired before resurfacing the roads. Perhaps common sense isn’t needed for planning these operations Instead of sending out a letter headed Operation Resilience, maybe the person drafting the letter should actually talk to the residents.

(Name and address supplied)