THANKS for your article about Stagecoach’s reply to my letter about being stranded by our bus leaving early.

I have sent the following to Stagecoach: “Dear Mr Robinson Thank you for your reply and justification that we, the customer, will be listened to when the cause is just and the wonders of GPS.

It is not just the driver who needs to be taken to task, however, but the staff on the receiving end of the calls, who do not seem to know that the Penton stop is a timed stop.

If it transpires in the future that we too have to book in advance, then so be it, as long as we can maintain our sometimes tenuous link with our nearest town, Andover, and if this means we too will get a taxi (paid for) if the bus fails to turn up for some reason.”

Steve Harrington-Ellsmore BA The Grove Penton Grafton