I’M writing to you about the traffic restrictions that are due to be imposed around the schools at Floral Way.

Given that the perpetrators of the unsafe and inconvenient driving practices have failed to heed repeated requests to desist then it’s a good bet that their response to the restrictions will be to move their acts to where they won’t be seen.

What Hampshire County Council has handed us is a scheme that will not solve the problem, merely move it elsewhere.

It is expensive, inappropriate, and unworkable – with the side effect of blighting the lives of more residents than ever before.

I’ve heard several people pitch ideas over the last few months and every single one was cheaper, self-sustaining and took into account the human factors involved.

One is forced to ask this: if amateurs could come up with those then why on earth have the professionals failed to do so?

We have the ability to oppose this in the High Court before 21 May, 2014.

If someone would set up a fighting fund I’d happily put in my first years’ residents’ parking permit fees.

Mike Allum, Magnolia Close, Andover