I REFER to the recent letters from Len Gates that claimed that 3 million jobs in the UK were linked to exports to the EU – one of the world’s largest trading groups.

Of course he was wrong according to all the local UKIP suspects, and indeed Len Gates was wrong, but not the way that may have been thought.

Recently, the Centre for Economics and Business Research has concluded that the figure has climbed to 4.2 million jobs, or more than 13 per cent of the UK workforce.

It comprises 3.1 million jobs directly supported by sales to EU markets as well as another 1.1 million which are indirectly supported.

I will not pretend to be an economist, but surely leaving the EU as advocated by UKIP at a cost of any British jobs is surely unacceptable.

Because of the UK’s anti-EU press, many may not be aware that the European Parliament has voted to end ‘roaming charges’ made by telecoms companies when people use their mobile phones in other EU countries.

Holidaymakers, business travellers and people working overseas will no longer face rip-off charges for using their mobile phones. Roaming charges on calls, data and text messaging will now be cut from 1 July, 2014, and abolished from 1 Jan, 2016, bringing huge savings to consumers and businesses alike.

The measure, which has been backed consistently by Labour, eventually won the backing of 600 European Parliament members with only UKIP from the UK failing to back it.

It would seem that UKIP can be just as destructive locally too. Where were our two Andover UKIP County Councillors when council civil engineers were drawing up the proposed cycle route along Weyhill Road?

Hampshire County Council is the Highway Authority, yet Test Valley Borough councillors have been blamed excessively for the proposal.

Then to top it all, UKIP County Councillor Tony Hook has been made to appear like some knight in shining armour by his own supporters along Weyhill Road, when he too may also have been asleep on the job.

I conclude that maybe it’s time that some knew what UKIP is really all about.

Paul Goddard, Andover Labour Party