I OPENED my paper last week and on page 20 there was a picture that I recognised.

I said to myself “that’s Scott’s shoe shop – I remember it well”.

I bought a pair of highheeled shoes in there back in 1947, and I wore them with my “going away outfit” on my wedding day in 1948.

What a pity that building was torn down.

Further on up the High Street there used to be Teuce and King where I used to buy lots of records. There was also Wyltons, The Maypole, Home and Colonial, John Eighteen Fish – they were all there.

I notice in the paper I received yesterday, there’s one of the old street lights in the bottom picture. When my husband was little he was afraid of that lamp because of that big serpent that’s wound around it.

Muriel Bower, Morrisburg, Ontario Canada