YOUR article on the planning application to build 34 houses on land currently used as allotments in Whitchurch didn’t include the fact that the allotment plots were available for many many years at minimal cost thanks to the land owner.

Nor does Cllr Watts point out that he has s u p p o r t e d the building of around 200 houses on a single plot between Winchester Road and Micheldever Road.

This is upsetting an awful lot more people than those whose allotment plots may be moved.

He mentioned noise from the Ardglen Estate disturbing anyone who buys a property on the site, this is similar to those who buy houses near churches and then c o m p l a i n about the bells being rung on Sundays.

His speaking up at this stage and having his photograph in your newspaper couldn't have anything to do with the fact that he is seeking re-election on 22 May.

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