If it’s anything like Salisbury Rd cycle path, I won’t take the risk

8:00pm Friday 16th May 2014

If it’s anything like Salisbury Rd cycle path, I won’t take the risk

AS someone who regularly
cycles around the western
half of Andover, I
have been following the
correspondence about the
proposed Weyhill Road
cycle path with interest,
especially the question of
whether or not cyclists
are likely to use it.
I can declare that if the
cycle path is anything like
the one on Salisbury Road
then there is not the
slightest chance I shall
use it.
As far as I am concerned
I will only use a cycle
path if it is safer than
using the main carriageway
and also not slower.
The Salisbury Road
cycle path, and (probably)
the one which the council
has in mind for Weyhill
Road, fails on both criteria.
It is far slower because
one has to give way to all
other traffic at each side
road, and it is less safe
because, when crossing
each side road, one risks
being wiped out by a car
coming up fast behind
and then turning left.
There are some good
cycle paths around
Andover but those constructed
on the pavements
of busy roads are not
amongst them and, I suspect,
have not been
designed by anyone who
actually uses a bicycle.
A correspondent last
week proposed a Dutchstyle
cycle path and I
would like to add that
when I lived in Holland
for a few years I appreciated
how much friendlier
Dutch laws and roads are
for both cyclists and
Why cannot we follow
their example?

John Moon
Duck Street
Abbotts Ann


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