YOUR Comment regarding
digital watches reminded
me of my time in the 1940s
when I rode my bicycle
through the town on my
way to the Andover
Grammar School.
Recently you showed a
photograph of the front of
the old library building in
Bridge Street where a
repaired clock face was
refitted with the help of the
History Society.
On the way to school I
checked the time with the
Guildhall clock and the
library clock in passing.
When the sun was shining
I sometimes checked the
time by the sundial on the
front of the building in
London Street, which was
Ellen’s the estate agents.
I do not know if many people
use it nowadays but it is
still in place. It fascinated
me and its timing was good.
Times change. I guess I had
better get another battery
for my watch when I come
into the market next time.

Peter Oliver,
Cadley Road,
Collingbourne Ducis.