READ David Drew's letter
in the Advertiser with
great amusement! “Britain
has always been a warm
and welcoming nation and
we should stay so.”
You have single-handedly
given UKIP more votes than
any letters or articles they
themselves have written!
Britain is full up, the voters
are trying to tell you this, but
you and your party just will
not listen!
I deplore Councillors and
Committees who do what
they please, regardless of the
wishes of the people they
Our motoring manufacturing
is at an all-time high,
thanks to India and Japan,
neither of which are in the
EU. The Commonwealth
should be our Union, not the
UKIP are not “scaremongering”,
you are living in a
fantasy land. Wake up and
smell the coffee!

Liz Ferla
Kellys Walk