IF ever there was an issue where
the Andover Advertiser (AA) needs
to come off the fence, it is surely the
fracking threat to local countryside.


So often your reporting tries to
give space to both sides of an argument
but on this question there is
only one side — disaster.

I do so hope that the AA editorial
will make that clear — so much has
already been lost over the years —
the old town’s character virtually
wiped out and yet still the planners
and government seek to destroy
even more of what we still have, for
these are government plans in
truth. Of course they compare the
value of fracked oil with the USA.

The problem with that is the difference
in size and land mass with
here. Thousands of oil wells are
placed in the USA without being
noticed — that cannot be the situation
between Andover and

Now retired my wife and I have
lived and worked all our lives in
this area and we love it.
We will be heartbroken if the
Anton or Test River Valleys are
destroyed by fracking.

William Lock, Chilbolton