RE letters 16 May: ‘Britain has always
been a nation and we should say


Well, it wasn’t so ‘warming and
welcoming’ in AD 43, AD 793 and AD
1066 and of course the ‘English’ went
on to conquer and annex half the

‘The sun never sets on the British
Empire’, the ‘English’ didn’t get a title
like that by just winning at cricket or
being ‘warm and welcoming’, e.g. the
Yankees (‘English’) destroyed many
people, not least the American Indians
and a whole nation of the Aboriginals
on Tasmania.

Maybe Cllr Drew should go back to
school for a couple of decades then go
into politics?

As we’ve seen the rewriting of history
regarding the First World War, e.g.
the original justification for the latest
attacking of Afghanistan (the fourth
war in 175 years Britain has waged on
this country) was because it was the
‘location from which the 9/11 attacks
on the USA were allegedly orchestrated’.
Soon after, it changed to fighting the
Taliban, then it was to curb the opium
trade; then it was to ‘bring democracy’
and then it was ‘to advance the rights
of women’.

I’m not the first to contradict Cllr
Drew’s letter of 16 May but with my
consideration of the UKIP argument
on immigration, the ‘English’ are not
indigenous to this island: we are a people
made up of many peoples (immigrants)
of many nations over many

A strange and curious gene pool we
might be but the ‘mongrel’ mix has
stood us in good stead, not least in 1939
(Churchill’s mother was American)
and in 1914 when the offsprings of
Queen Victoria (who was German and
spoke English with an accent) fell out
and a lot of the ‘English’ got deaded
pro rata!

And of course ‘Phil’, the Queen’s
husband. The list is endless.
The new migrants’ children are the
Deal with it!

It’s always been that way and always
will – what goes around comes

Russell KC Tarrant,