ALL this recent talk about
who to replace outgoing MP
Sir George Young!


Why the need for outsiders who
know nothing about our town or
way of life? The real answer is we
have a suitable person in this
very town.

Who better than someone who
knows us all better than any – a
very responsible Steve Dancey,
head of editorial, and a local
newspaper that worked for the
good of its readers than anyone.

Then I’d say – yes – our Test
Valley Borough Council leader
Ian Carr. Many might say different,
but he’s up for it, up to it, and
deep down I’ve proved he’s a very
fair man who does have the best
interests for our town at least.

I fully agree with the Advertiser
regarding Sir George Young’s
length of support to Andover, but
will add he does a very good job
for which he was very well paid
to do. On first hearing of his
retirement I sent him a specially
handmade congratulation and
personal thank you card – that
probably surprised him, but he
was a good MP.

My specially written ‘Animals
in War and Peace’ is now on view
kindly displayed at Beech Hurst
council office reception by Sally
Prior, secretary to the leader of
Test Valley Borough Council,
plus permission of our public
library librarian, who aims to
display it in July upstairs with
other wartime memorabilia.

To all you animal lovers you
must read just how your pets are
so brave, for all too often – quite
rightly so – we read about how we
humans won the wars, but animals
helped a great deal, and I’m
ensuring we must remember and
not forget the lives they saved.

Gerald Stoodley, Turin
Court, Andover