ON a recent visit to a friend’s
house in Basingstoke, I could
not help but notice some
strange looking “torture”
equipment in the local park.


This, my friend pointed out
was a free to use outside gym.
He told me that he knew of at
least three others scattered in
and around Basingstoke. It
shows the Basingstoke council
has some concern for the
health and fitness of its residents.

When I got home I immediately
wrote to our local council
to ask if we could have
something similar. I got an
acknowledgement of my
email, then no further contact.

I was just wondering how
other people in Andover
would feel about having free
to use gym equipment.

I think it is a great idea,
especially in these times of
rising obesity levels.

Perhaps, if any other readers
are in favour of them, we
should put a bit of pressure
on our council and maybe we
could enjoy what the people of
Basingstoke now have.

Graham Holmes, Herons
Rise, Andover.