I AM reading a new book
called Southampton’s
Children of the Blitz.


I didn’t realise that they
had such terrible raids during
the war, but it brought
back a memory to me of one
air raid we had in Andover
the summer of 1940 when
bombs were dropped up
around the hospital.

It made me wonder if that
crater we used to call the
‘Daisy Dell’ was a bomb. It
certainly was a big crater
right by the railway line.
There was a little lane up the
side of the Folly Inn and the
steps up over the railway.

Of course I could be all
wrong. It might be all different
now. The ‘Daisy Dell’
might even be gone for all I
know. Anyway, I just
thought I’d write.

Mrs Muriel Bower,
Morrisburg, Ontario,