PLEASE accept my apologies
before reading on. I do appear to be
turning into Victor Meldrew but
the story regarding the ‘six-year
council battle over signs’ on page
five of last week’s Andover Ad has
got me riled.


So the row of shops and restaurants
in South Street is a ‘conservation
area’ Is it? What? Our council
is truly mad! Look at the photo and
all the signs – I would definitely
agree that Mrs Khanom is being
singled out especially as her sign is
more subtle than the others pictured.
I’d like to know the council’s
views on other beauty spots in the
town such as the old Clover Leaf
Cars site at the junction of Millway
Road and Salisbury Road and the
Southgate Cars site at the top of
Weyhill Road. Why on earth have
these been allowed to stand in the
state they’re in for so long?
Complete eyesores and probably
hazardous. The council could be
generating money by penalising the
owners of these sites for keeping
them in such states of disrepair.
Even some hoardings would
improve the look.

It proves this council is being led
incoherently by its ever Teflon
leader. How can this hypocrisy
exist? Surely the council should be
encouraging local businesses to

What is more damaging to the
image of our town: a small sign for
a local business or two massive
signs of neglect?

Remember Mr Carr and all his
planners: A business with no sign is
a sign of no business.

John Penfound, St Swithin
Way, Andover