C SOMERS-Cocks is misrepresenting
fracking and
getting his priorities


It has been comprehensively
proven that, carried out in
a competent and professional
manner, there is no undue
environmental impact of
any significance, from fracking.

Environmentalists are
quite content to have the UK
carpeted from Land’s End to
John O’Groats, with the inefficient
(and effectively useless)
wind turbines and at
crippling cost, yet clean,
effective, efficient, shale
gas/oil energy, they insist
has to be “anathematized”

In North America, the
products of fracking have
reduced energy costs by at
least 50 per cent and reduced
their carbon footprint to
what it was 30 years ago.

As recent events outlining
the Russian government
involvement in The Ukraine
have show, the UK needs to
become self-sufficient in the
way electricity is generated
here, and not as a matter of
conjecture either, yet all one
gets from the “environmentalist
left” on the matter, is a
sort of “guerrilla war”
against any method which
the UK seeks to deploy, to
achieve this efficiently and

Paddy Keenan, Ward
Close, Andover