I NOTE the understandable
concern about the
threat of fracking work
between Crawley and
Fullerton where there are
three oil wells already.


A vital fact that does not
yet seem to be known is
that Ireland and some
eight other countries have
simply banned fracking

What will that fact if
reported tell of the debate
I wonder?

This whole thing is a
political question for a
Tory-led government who
is driving this on and has
already changed the law
on trespass (so that they
could drill under our
homes) and enter on to
land (without the need for
the long-winded compulsory
purchase legalities).

This of course is the
same shower that want to
try and build ten new
towns (locations secret
until after the election)
according to Clegg.

The same shower that
want to carve a huge
swathe at the same breakneck
speed through the
beautiful Chiltern Hills
up to Birmingham.

So sir, take stock.
Having kicked their very
own in the teeth in all
those heartland Tory villages,
they then seem
aghast that we turned out
in defiant droves to vote

What part of the phrase
‘political suicide’ don’t
they get?

Then we must consider
the Greens who quite
rightly are prepared to
fight this fracking stuff
on the ground... actually
as Caroline Lucas MP did.

With a General Election
looming this must be a big
issue hereabouts for whoever
takes over.

Who was that Tory who
said fracking would be OK
in the wastelands of the

The cat’s out of the bag.
Fracking in these southern
Tory heartlands, NO

Again just ask the Irish
why they have banned it

My elderly parents live
at Over Wallop and say
they cannot understand
why you have not printed
a proper map.

Jack Dyre, Hursley