IN response to Gerald
Stoodley (last week’s letters),
I would like to add my praise
for Sir George Young, who has
been an outstanding local MP,
a man of great integrity and
energy, who has been genuinely
interested in local


He will indeed be a hard act
to follow.

However, “Ian Carr as his
replacement” does not seem a
fitting suggestion at all.
Whilst he may be well known
locally we should remember
that the position is for North
West Hampshire not for
Andover alone. I doubt that
most Hampshire residents
will even know the name of
Ian Carr, let alone be aware of
his political history and
record of achievement.

If this is to be the best that
the Tory party can forward as
a candidate then I sincerely
hope that UKIP pull out all
the stops to win this seat.

Obviously on past performance
Labour have little
chance and the Lib-Dems
almost as little, so we need
someone with a viable alternative
to give them a serious

Gary Light, Hardyfair
Close, Weyhill