you and your ilk still do not
get it, do you?


Millions of decent, previously
main-party voters have
told you Europhiles that we
are sick and tired of this
unelected, undemocratic,
autocratic, unaccountable
monolith called the EU.

We were conned by Edward
Heath, a staunch federalist, in
the ’70s to vote for a Common
Agriculture Policy.

There has been a constant
drip of changes over the
years, by all parties, to create
a super stateÿ called the
United States of Europe.

It has become a club for
failed politicians, Mandelson,
the Kinnock clan and soon
to welcome Nick ‘you have
my word that tuition fees
will not rise on my watch’

For this we, the British taxpayer,
are paying £55m per
day (x365) so that you lot can

Let’s dispel some myths: We
will lose millions of jobs! We
import more from the EU
than we export. We are actually
keeping Europeans in

The EU will not trade with
us: As the sixth largest economy
in the world are you saying
that Europe will ostracise
us! I do not think so.

Not a myth: Auditors have
refused to give EU accounts a
clean bill of health for the
19th year in a row as rate of
unexplained spending rises 23
per cent... with the UK liable
for £800m. The European
Union spent nearly £6 billion
in error. Rural spending was
the worst area with £1 billion

Why do we need UK politicians
or courts as most decisions
are imposed on us from

Did we vote for UKIP to rubber
stamp the policies of you
lot, No! We voted for them as
our ears and eyes to keep
reminding us of the cost to us
financially and to our country’s
right to determine our
own destiny, also to keep up
the pressure to get us out of
the EU.

Derek Skinner,
Bishops Way,