THE Exodus Scandal (as I see


A friend of mine some years
ago told me that two of his
relations who were both GPs
had emigrated to Australia
and I thought no more about it.

Another friend of mine
whose daughter has qualified
as a GP tells me that without
exception all of her friends on
the course are now going to
Australia for higher pay.

We are spending tens or hundreds
of millions of pounds
educating and training these
students (very long-term) and
Australia is reaping the benefit
at no cost to them.

These medical staff are
laughing all the way to the barbecue.

Why are they not made to
serve in the UK for three or
five years to help defray the
cost before being considered
for export?

My sister’s physio is also
going to Australia. In short —
what’s in it for us?

Note. Maybe that is why they
are paying higher pay, because
they do not have to pay for

Derek Weeks, Martin
Way, Andover.