ALAN Cotter displays a bit of
skill in ‘answering’ a question
which was not asked (about
the NHS or the statistical
manipulation of a perception
of ‘customer satisfaction’
with it), and simply positions
himself as part of the current
political stasis, which wants
the NHS to be kept in its role
as the nation’s ‘sacred cow’,
and thus denied the ‘root and
branch reform’, of which it is
in such dire need.


In 2010, the departing
Labour treasury minister (Mr
Byrne) left a note on his office
desk, to be found and read by
the in-coming Coalition
incumbent: this note baldly
stated, —‘Good luck folks,
there is no money left’. A
‘joke’ perhaps but perfectly
accurate, as between 1997 and
2010 in applying the routine
socialist nostrums, Labour, in
office effectively bankrupted
the UK.

Currently, Labour still
seems to know nothing, to
have remembered nothing,
through having learned nothing,
as its political policies
pivot on, ‘freezing electricity
prices, (Hell will be constrained
to freeze quicker),
and the raising of taxation
levels (and this, when at the
basic level, individually and
corporately, the level of tax
that UK residents are forced
to pay, is far too high).

It was quite appositely (and
axiomatically) pointed-out
years ago, that Labour in
office is only ‘successful’ until
it runs out of other peoples’
money to spend.

Paddy Keenan,
Ward Close,