AMAZING, truly amazing.

Mr Craig Fisher’s suggestions
(13 June) on marking the
centenary of the outbreak of
Britain declaring war on
Germany for the first time
were all straightforward, dignified
and where the children
would call out the names of
the fallen, moving.

The amazing thing is that a
reasonable and virtually costfree
ceremony like this is not
being implemented in the first

Perhaps honouring the dead
of the borough is rather
unfair to expect from the newcomers
to the town.

The mass of overspill settlers
to Andover have no roots
here before the mid-50s and so
understandably many have
no feeling to participate.

Maybe it is just one of the
costs of progress, a dishonourable
broken promise to the
dead as it may seem to others.

History is littered with such

Derek Pickett, Ash Tree
Road, Andover.