IT was a glorious sunny
morning as we teenagers
played football on the
golden sands of Studland.


It was the morning after
that momentous day when
we won the much coveted
Jules Rimet trophy (World
Cup) and we had just rolled
out of our tents and happily
feasted on burnt sausages
and beans. Delicious.

I felt so proud because, with
the sun on my back and the
ball at my feet, I was suddenly
aware of an awesome,
spine-tingling sensation,
knowing that I belonged to
the human race that were
football champions of the
whole world.

Better than Brazil, better
than Germany and
Argentina – everyone!

Unfortunately it has been
downhill ever since and has
certainly not been helped by
the fact that, at present, only
a third of premiership players
are English.

Everyone has a right to
their opinion but the social
media does churn out some
brainless tripe.

What is striking though is
the use of the word “they”.

For example, “They” were
bad. “They” were useless,

It is not “they” it is “we”.

There is apparently no
ownership of our problem.

Somehow the self-appointed
“experts” have distanced
themselves from the raw sadness
of failure with their vacuous
outpourings and have
offered nothing that could be
construed as constructive
support for the future.

I contend that the younger
players bode well for our
future prospects.

Hopefully I can wait another
four years and get my tent
out again!

John Porter
Millway Road,