I AM disappointed to see Test Valley councillors
failed to support the proposed wind farm development
at Bullington Cross.


The arguments for and against the development
have been well aired over the past few months and on
balance it is obvious such developments are essential
to the future economic prosperity of the area.

The benefits include:

Generating over £4 million through a co-operative
ownership scheme, which could fund community
energy projects and tackle local fuel poverty

Reducing Hampshire’s annual CO2 emissions by
26,000 tonnes, equivalent to the removal of 9,000 cars

Reducing the £1 billion we spend locally every
year on imported fossil fuels and generating almost £5
million in additional rates for local councils.

Climate change is a reality affecting everyone. We
should take responsibility for our own energy production
and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our local councillors should take a lead in this.
They have failed us and failed future generations.

Most disappointing is the fact that only 13 of the 27
members of the committee actually bothered to
attend the planning meeting.

They claim to represent local people and get paid to
do so. Yet when they are asked to make an important
local decision they let us all down.

Len Gates,
Linton Drive, Andover