WHAT must visitors think, actually no, what do locals think when driving into our town, grass verges and any “verdant” areas are overgrown and where they have been cut (Charlton Hill opposite ambulance station one great example) possibly with a knife and fork, the excessively long cuttings and debris are left laying where they were cut or on the pavement.

Why also does the council allow residents to leave hedges, shrubs etc some with roses and brambles intertwined growing over pathways making walkers step on to roads?

Charlton Hill again was an example where lots of pupils walking to and from schools were, until recently, confronted with banks of stinging nettles hanging over the pavement and having to step on to Charlton Road, as kids like to walk and talk to their friends or listen to ipods, etc, an accident waiting to happen.

Yes we do have pretty flower boxes in the town, but do visitors venture through the scruffy outskirts?

Sue Praill, Parview Close, Andover