ISN’T it amazing that the saying “to those who have plenty let them have more” still applies in this modern world.

I mistakenly thought that there might be some good news for the busriders of this lower Barlows Lane area which includes the Millstream and Watermills Close areas, housing lots of young families and like myself older people who really would like our one per hour bus route reinstated.

Since the bus stops were ripped out in the dreadful winter of 2010/2011 we have been linked to a village service namely ‘79’ Stockbridge, Chilbolton, Clatfords, but no the article was to herald a Sunday service for the Star 1 route.

This route’s weekly times are at least three buses per hour, whereas the 79 route only comes on a two-hourly basis and if you make it into town the last available return daytime bus leaves Andover at 2.25pm.

Yes I did say 2.25pm.

It is the worst service in the bus timetable.

When Tony Hooke brought the subject up in January I thought some good changes might come about, but no luck.

A great deal of money has been spent on upgrading the bus station and do we really need another coffee house?

Surely some of this money could have been used to improve the actual bus services, we are always told that it’s the cost that is the problem.

However I believe I’m right when I say that Sunday workers have to be paid double time, how can that be justified?

I’ve no angst towards the Star 1 passengers, I just think that the council should look at other needy routes in the Andover area and do something about them.

Ours is the worst.

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