WHAT is Andover coming to?

Everywhere you look there are new houses going up, but what as a town have we got to offer?

We were once a town full of pride with wonderful parks and flowers everywhere, when a bench could be sat on as it had slats on it.

There was a town that people wanted to come to, full of shops not just bars, betting offices and charity shops.

If we need all these new houses we need to get back to a time when Andover was on the map, with the facilities and look of a town that cares about its self.

All the good things about this town seem to have been knocked down, closed, moved or just forgotten.

Every time there is a so-called improvement it may look fine for a few weeks then like the balls in the high street (pictured), it just looks like more street junk, dirty and unloved.

Spend the money on tidying up the roundabouts, mend the benches, put the war memorial back, give us back some pride in our town.

Street art is not the answer, clean and well looked after is.

Mrs T Wilson, Ash Tree Road, Andover