IF ANY of your council tax-paying readers have suffered damage to their motor vehicle from potholes I would suggest they may find it difficult to claim damages from Hampshire County Council.

Because of such a hole locally, measuring some two feet long by five inches deep, I have had to replace an expensive alloy wheel because it no longer retained air from the tubeless tyre.

The pothole was overlooked recently when improvements to the adjacent road surface were being made using granite chippings, An online enquiry to a helpline was responded to by an autogenerated email for a password.

Not having one, I telephoned the number which was helpfully supplied with that lengthy email only to learn I was not speaking to Hampshire County Council but an authorised legal depart ment whichwould only deal with a solicitor.

At that moment I felt the will to live fast receding.

It would be interesting to learn if other readers of the Andover Advertiser have experienced this challenging problem.

Robert Vincent Wildhern